Cars 4D + Cards

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Cars 4D+ provides you with a one of a kind Augmented Reality automobile experience. Download and install our free Cars 4D+ app from the PlayStore or the AppStore, scan your card of choice and feel the engine revs as the cars come to life right before your very eyes!

Introducing the Cars 4D+; a set of Augmented Reality flashcard set depicting various types of cars and automobiles. Scan the individual cards to reveal the many vehicles ranging the alphabet. From the letter A represented by the Ambulance to the letter Z for the Zoo Transporter, learn about the cars’ history, virtually take them for a ride and put your driving skills to the test by overcoming various obstacles provided within the app.

Unlock all the cars by inputting the serial number printed on a card within the Cars 4D+ flashcard box. Please note that one serial number is only applicable for 3 devices.

Once the serial number has been submitted, the entirety of the flashcard deck is unlocked. The deck includes the following automobiles:

Car Transporter
Dumper Truck
Electric Car
Fire Engine
Garbage Truck
Ice Cream Van
Kit Car
Mail Van
News Van
Oil Tanker
​Police Car
Queen’s Royal Car
Recovery Vehicle
Snow Mobile
Utility Vehicle
Woodie Station Wagon
X-Ray Car
Yellow School Bus
Zoo Transporter

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