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My Arcade : Gamestation Wireless

Plug and play game system with 220 games

Easily plug into your TV and play any of the 220 preloaded games. With the inclusion of two ergonomic wireless controllers, it is great for family time and includes many entertaining games that everyone will love, such as racing, adventure, sports, puzzles, and more!

My Arcade GAMER V Portable: DGUN-2888

Handheld gaming system with 220 games

Lightweight gaming handheld that provides hours of fun with 220 build in video games. Simply power on the system and start playing – anywhere, anytime! Available in three eye-catching colors.

Model no: DGUN-2888


My Arcade GO GAMER: DGUN-2891


Handheld gaming system with 220 games

Portable gaming device featuring 220 built-in video games in 16-bit resolution. Simply power on the system and start playing, anywhere, anytime! Fits easily in your pocket, purse, bag or backpack.

Model no: DGUN-2891


KSIX GameDroid 2- Black

Wireless Gamepad for Android Games – Black

The Ksix Gamedroid 2 gamepad is the accessory you need if you use your smartphone to play videogames. It features all the joysticks and buttons that any other game controller in the market has


My Arcade Gamer Max :DGUN-2878

Model no: DGUN-2878

Handheld gaming system with 220 games

A thrilling handheld that comes pre-loaded with 220 fun and easy-to-play, high-resolution 16-bit video games.